Environmental Concerns

The environmental concerns regarding office furniture are manifold, and range from issues at the manufacturing process, to the actual delivery of the furniture and the eventual dismantling of the product; but it is possible to reduce your environmental footprint at each stage of the product life-cycle. Just like any other industry these days, the office …

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Unconsciously, the color of our office walls, and in some ways, our furniture, will affect how productive we are. There have been millions of articles written about the psychology of color and the influence it has on employees. Before making decisions based on how you want to influence your employees, also keep in mind the …

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An introduction to ergonomics

There may be several ways to describe the word ergonomics, but the one thing most people agree on is its goal: to improve human well-being and maximize human performance. Basically, if you adhere to ergonomic standards, you will ensure the good health of your employees while maintaining high productivity. This can be accomplished by designing …

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