Unveiling our Second Collaboration with Gensler for the New York Power Authority

NovaLink is pleased to have completed its second collaboration project with Gensler Architect, Michael Rane Downey, RA, LEED AP (leader of the Northwest Region Mission Critical Practice Area for the firm), for the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) Integrated Smart Operations Center (iSOC), fulfilled December 11, 2017. NovaLink worked with Gensler to provide the iSOC’s Operator desks.

ProofsSR_PGE_Control-Dispatch__140324_02 (1024x683)

“We are grateful to the NYPA, Gensler and Michael Downey, for the opportunity to participate in the White Plains NY project. Michael initiated a give and take design and development process, which required modifications and a mock up…it was worth it. The finished space resembles a movie set, with stylized architectural details, a sweeping seamless display wall and multiple ADA compliant consoles (desks), each supporting a semi-circle of arced monitors. Congratulations NYPA…” -Tony VanderPark


Prior to this project, Tony VanderPark, President and Design Director of NovaLink, worked with Mr. Downey and his team to specify Dispatcher and Operator positions for PG&E’s Gas Operation Center, located in San Ramon, California.

“Gensler has worked with NovaLink on two state-of-the Art command centers, and for each project, they far exceeded the client and Gensler’s expectations. NovaLink‘s ability to quickly customize console design to accommodate client’s needs, while maintaining an eye on appearance, quality and budget is truly amazing. After the first meeting Gensler had with NYPA, to discuss their iSOC project, we quickly realized the heart of the project revolved around their Command Center. In order to meet the project’s schedule, we had defined the required size and configuration of the Command Center within the floor. And in order to do this, we had to start with defining the appropriate size & shape of the control room consoles to meet NYPA’s requirements. Driving back to the airport on our way home to California we contacted NovaLink to discuss this opportunity and provided them information about the client’s console requirements. By the time our plane arrived in California, NovaLink had created a couple of solutions that included detailed plans, elevations, axions which accommodated the client’s desired console monitors, and a ROM pricing for each solution. Two days later, NYPA had chosen the desired console, reduced the area of the Command Center by almost 800 sq. ft. and reduced their console budget by $5,000 per console. When it comes to console design, our first and often only phone call is to NovaLink.” -Michael Downey

ProofsSR_PGE_Control-Dispatch__140324_05 (1024x683)

In both cases, the bid selection process demanded multiple rounds of design discussions and meetings, which included the all-important buy in from the key stakeholders: the end users of each outfit, who help to determine the final details such as equipment accommodation, personal storage requirements, spatial organization of and interaction with equipment, as well as impact of the desk on communications with co-workers. Once the parties can engage in the discussion of these kinds of specifics, the project becomes very real, and very exciting.

NovaLink looks forward to future collaborations with Mr. Downey.

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